birthday party decorations/eastern pa hip hop dance party      birthday party decorations/eastern pa hip hop dance party     
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Birthday Party decorations

Spring Break College Night Beach Party/2006
Spring Break College Night Beach Party/2006
Just for all the Lovely Ladies in schuylkill County
Thursday Nites
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Spring Break College Night Beach Party/2006 eastern pa hip hop Spring Break College Night Beach Party/2006
hip hop hip hop
Pre St Patricks Day/Beach Party

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Welcome to the friendliest bar in town
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Pre St Patricks Day/Beach Party

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Thursday Nite 03/16/06 was our Pre St Patrick Dance/Beach Party with the a sand covered dance floor.The doors opened at 9:10pm due to the many patrons that showed quite early.This was not record setting crowd although it was another packed house.Tonite's theme was Dance Dance Dance which continued on stage as well as the dance floor non stop for the entire evening.There some heavy metal tunes for the Rockers with BYOB/Drowning Pool & POD,some 80s,Old school Hip Hop and the remaining 75%-85% was Hip Hop/Reggae g Some of the people here were Kathy. Nikki & the gang from Collegeville area,+ Nikki,Jen,Jarad and Chris Cherry,Christina,Joe Barnes from St Clair,Toni,"sexy young lady" & Carmela,"I love you too Carmela" from New Philly", + Angie,"looking good tonite" who was well behaved. Jamie from Haven who has settled down a lot and is still a sweety pie,Marge from St Clair,"good luck w/the modeling",Sundena my niece who is almost always,"Lit-up",Joe from St Clair,DJ Hook and the gang,and the very popular Crystal,Jen and the gang from the Rent-a-Center,etc The Ladies Choice Dance Party is without question the Premier Thursday Nite Dance of all time in Schuylkill County. Security @Goodfellas is by far the best that I have seen since I started club Djing at Rumors in 1997.The crowds have exceeded our highest expectations are continuing to get larger every week.We are looking for bar tenders and security people at the Electric Warehouse and will opening the VIP Lounge upstairs to accommodate these very large crowds.T

Special thanks to all of you for being so supportive of my Dance Party @Goodfellas Electric Warehouse.The current crowds are now averaging 600+ per week although during this holiday period the crowds have been much higher due to the college students and many people being off from work.

PS:Next week 3/16/06 is our Pre-St Patrick Day Party since just after 12:00am Midnite it will be St Patrick's Day.
God bless you all and hope to see you all next week.

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