Carson's 2nd day @Summer Camp
Morning Assembly in front of Dinning Hall

Carson getting ready for archery class

Carson's first attempt @shooting a bow/arrow

Carson hit the target  3 out 5 attempts.

Potions class

Pool time!!

Pics below are last Day of Summer Camp 7/11/2014

Morning assembly in front of the dinning hall

Carson in his pensive mood.

Rope Pull,aka tug of war

Carson not paying attention??
He is not pulling

They are losing this one

Carson's team lost this one.

This is thier 2nd rope pull

They are winning this one.

Carson's team won 2 out 3 rope pulls
They also beat the parents one time????

Catapulting water ballons

Other games

Assembly at end of day in front of dinning room

Closing ceremoniy

Claudia,Lori @closing ceremony.

Staff performing a skit @closing ceremony.

Video #1-Carson at archery class
Click here

Video #2-Carson 2nd attempt archery class
Click here

Video #3-Rope pull
Click here

Video #4-Carson's 2nd Rope pull
Click here


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