@Jack Frost Ski Resort

On our way for 1st run of the day @JF/BB Ski Resort

Jade and Carson in Lift Line @JF/BB Ski Resort

Claudia/Jade/Carson/Kevin Baucum
@ Jack Frost Ski Resort on 2/05/2018

Highlights of Ski Trip:

Total runs=13 in 4hrs of skiing.PS:Claude/Jade did 12 runs
Runs include Janes Lane/Exibition/Thunderbolt/Challenge/Lehigh + one time on Snow Flake
All the kids skiied these slopes except Claudia and Jade passed on The Challenge
Pop was knocked down by chairlift!!
Claudia ran into Carson who had fallen causing her ski to come off on Janes Lane!!
Carson got hit hard by a female snowboarder!!
Kevin did a FacePlant at end of mogul field!!
Flat tire when departing from home + a 2nd flat tire departing from Jack Frost.
Rate this Ski trip=Fantastic in spite of late start at 11:55am on slopes + extremely crowded lodge

Carson is 9 years old
Claudia/Jade are 12 years old.
Claudia is skiing her 6th season.
Jade/Carson are in their 5th season.

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