Djray's Light Show @Middleport Inn on 2/13/2016

Various Light Shows @Weddings,Sweet 16 Parties
Nite club Events in 2015/2016/2017

All of the above light shows are from actual wedding receptions
Teen Dances performed by DjRay Productions
@venues in Schuylkill County during 1997-2015.

Intensity of Light Effects will vary depending on the brightness of the wedding hall lights.
Light Show effects are much more vibrant in a dark setting.Also if smoke is used then there
will be brillant rays of light, "Star Wars Effect" however the lighting effects on the walls,floor & people
will be must less vibrant since the smoke/haze is blocking out the light source for these effects.
You can opt for a Light Show w/smoke equals rays of light or Light Show without smoke equals images.
What are the risks? If using smoke & someone gets sick or has an asthma attach,there can be a lawsuit
against the Dj,wedding hall & person signing the contract, "providing the contract entails smoke being used for the venue".
Due to these risks I Do Not Use Smoke!!!!

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