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Part 1
Teen Nite @Live Wire

Teen Nite
Live Wire Girls
@Live Wire Lounge,Frackville,Pa

Dj Ray's Ultimate Dance Party
Dj Wildman Dan/Dj Suga

Free Dance lessons
Guys don't just stand around & miss out on the fun
Hip Hop taught by Live Wire Girls/Dj Suga

Break Dancers hanging out here are:

Attention All Teens
The Live Wire Lounge will be creating a permanent Teen Nite Club with a name separate from the Live Wire
Including Big Screen videos,vastly expanded light show with intelligent lighting,high tech laser system
and a 50,000 watt sound system with bass capable of causing your carbonated beverage to literally boil over
on your table. There will be extensive marketing special & events such as Break Dance contests,Hard Body,Hot Body
Shake Your TailFeather,Techno Sticks Contests,Live Vidoe taping on the big screen,etc. Most of the Thursday Nite
Special events for adults will also be featured @ the Teen Nite Club. This will be your very own Teen Nite Club.We need suggestions for the name.
Keep one thing mind,What does the name look like in Print,advertising,flyers,posters,and lighted signs including neon.
Also the name cannot be long.Remember MTV,TRL,etc
Please send all suggestions to:

People wanting their picture removed from this site?
Indicate in comment form on bottom of page: date,the picture number counting
from top to bottom,with a brief description of the picture & yourself.
Your picture will be blotted out or removed completely.
All pictures from previous nites are still available
click on various links on bottom of page.

Live Wire Girls
The Live Wire girls will be marketing & promoting this dance along with Dj Dan Helfer and family,all of which except for Dan & the "two younger ones",are employed by Walmart.These girls represent the new breed of girls sweeping the teen & adult club scence throughout the US.They love to get in front of an audience with the own dance routines with strutting movements that would even make Beyonce take a 2nd look along with some great original stuff on the mic.This is all being done without alcohol or drugs. To describe it in a few words they're high on life.These girls are stuck in those in-between years 18-20.Since they will be on the ground floor & will be a major part of promoting Teen Nite along with Dan Helfer and family they will all be given a life time free admission to the Live Wire by Dj Ray for both teen and adult dances when they are 21,"those dances featuring Dj Ray".Anyone wanting to become a Live Wire girl should contact Dj Ray or thur the comment form at the bottom of page and include your name,age and email address. requirements are:Must be 18+ years of age,car and be willing dance in front of an audience on stage as well as promote the dance thur word of mouth,flyers,bumper and window stickers etc.


Break Dancers @LW

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Sunday 12/07/2003. Tonite was a decent nite in spite of the Frigid temps following Friday Massive Snow storm.Tonight's crowd was not dominated by a particular school. Instead there were students many of the schools in Schuylkill County including Frackville,Mahanoy City,Asland,Mt Carmel,Kultmont,Shamokin,Pottsville,Haven,Hegins,Valley View,Pine Grove,Delano,& one young lady from North Carolina who is currently enlisted in the USMC,"Semper Fide & welcome to Pa". Dj Suga was spinning the latest jams from the MTV/TRL hit list + introduced a lot of new stuff from her private collection along with Dj Dan doing his own blend of new/old hip hop as well as some non hip hop music.This group is primarily Hip Hop but still has a little propensity toward a little Hoe Down.Your truly Dj Ray is the Emcee responsible directing all activities and major annoucements.We will be considering big screen videos for the Xmas Dance on 12/28/2003 We will be offering video in the near future,so please spread the word so we have suffiecient people here to support the cost of Video DJ.

Break Dancing is being done on an area of the dance floor that is sectioned off so that the Hip Hop dancers are not interfered with. Lessons are available for any one interested in Break Dancing or Hip Hop.These lessons will be provided by the Live Wire Girls Nikki,Vicki,Katie,Kristal & Dj Suga,plus the break dancers which are some of the very best in Eastern Pa including Jose from Pottsville,,Jarad for NJ & residing in Pottsville,Nat from Pottsville plus other. There are currently two girls attending this session.The age is very diversified with many of the teens in those "in-between" years 18-20.

Keep in mind the Live Wire will be creating a Teen Nite Club with a separate name with-in the Live Wire which will advertised and promoted as one of Eastern Pa's Premier Teen Nite Clubs with special events such as Hot Body & Hard Body contests,Break Dance and Hip Hop dance contests,Beach Parties,Shake your Tailfeather contests. Most of the Thursday Nite events will also be featured during Teen Nite.All contests will include trophies and cash prizes.
PS:Suggestions for the new name for the Teen Nite Club are still being taken. You may use the comment form below or email me at []Age group is quite diversifed with usual numbers of 15-16 year old people along with College Students 18-21 + the Break Dancers 21-25.Break Dancers have section taped just for them. This is a coutesety to all of the other Non-Break Dancers so no one gets kicked on the Dance floor since these guys are doing a lot of head stands and mutiple 360'son the head.I'll have to lear the terminology for the various moves and I'll keep all the Break & Techno Dancers updated.I'll be controling the music next week so as to get a more diversified mix.There are a lot of popular songs other than the Top-40/MTV/TRL chart.The majority will rule as to the most played type of music. As of now it seems Hip Hop is the prevailing music.WE will try to honor all requests,but keep thing in mind if people are not dancing to it,it will be cut short,unless it is sing along type song where people kaind of lay back a chill if know what I mean.Please feel free to send suggestions to regarding types of music and song titles,and one more thing please let us know your name and where your from.Your vote or suggestion has little meaning if you are going to hide behind the internet and not tell us about yourself.We need email addresses so that we can answer your suggestions.You don't have to give out personal email addresses,just get yourself a free email address at Yahoo or Hotmail it's that simple. Best regards to all the Great Dancers Here tonite,
                                                                                                                       Dj ray

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