Birthday Party decorations

birthday party decorations birthday party decorations
@Pine View Acres
birthday party decorations
Fake or Counterfeit I.D.'s are Illegal
Anyone attempting too use one will have it confiscated.
Violations will be immediately reported to the authorities.
You've been advised & you know who you are.
This is a serious offense!!!!
[All I.D. will be verified thur a State On-Line Network]

Metal Detector PLCB regulations require that clubs with large crowds use a metal detector for all patrons prior to admittance.This change was effected shortly after the events of 9/11 and is now in effect at most major Nite clubs.This could also involve a quick visual check of purses.We apologize for this inconvenience.

All information presented on this site is for the sole purpose of Public Awareness/Entertainment Purposes & as a courtesy on behalf of Dj Ray Productions.Dj Ray Productions does not represent the Pine View Acres Nite Club.Dj Ray Productions bears no responsibility for any mis-interpretation of information on this site that could lead to patrons incurring bodily injury on or off the premises or leaving the club and being involved in an automobile accident or being arrested for driving under the influence.It is the patron's sole responsibility to comply with PLCB regulations regarding Drinking & Driving.

Dj Ray Productions bears no responsibility for pictures taken of patrons on Thursday Nites & posted on the Internet.Pictures are taken of patrons for Entertainment purpose and will not be used by Dj Ray Productions for personal use or for the purposes of financial gain.These pictures are taken with the understanding that permission has been granted by patrons in the pictures.Most group pictures will be reduced in size. There will no pictures of patrons slow dancing. Anyone not wanting their picture posted on the Internet should contact Dj Ray directly at the Live Wire Lounge and express your disapproval to Grant permission.If your picture has already been taken,it will be immediately deleted from the camera.

Music: Music during Happy Hour 8pm-10pm will be 70s,80s,oldies,rock & country.Music from 10:30-1:30 will be a mix of Hip Hop,Top-40,with some Techno,80s,Disco,Rock & Country.Most of the music after 10:30pm will be Hip Hop/Top-40.

Current Crowds Average crowd at pva is 350 on non-event nites with 450-500 for special events like Nurses Nite,Hair-Dressers Nite Out,Halloween Party,etc.During 2003 the average attendance @pva was 500-550 on non-event nites with 600-700+ for event nites.The current crowd @pva is much more manageable & without shoulder to shoulder conditions. Keep in mind though this is a relatively large crowd compared the average club,so some people may view this crowd as being much larger than it really is. Happy hour crowd from 8:30-11:00pm is 30-55 years of age.After 11:00pm the average crowd gets younger 22-29 years of age. Some of the 30+ crowd will stay after 11:00pm,wheras at least 50% will leave by 11:00pm due to work.If you are 30-50+ you will fit in with this crowd if you like to listen/dance to the newer music.Many of the people come from all over the county including Shamokin,Mt Carmel,Hazelton,Hegins,Pine Grove,Tamaqua and locally which includes Pottsville,Haven,Minersville,Orwigsburg,Shenandoah.The out-of area crowd is smaller than usual with some people from Carbon,Berks,Luzerne,& Lehigh Counties.

No tolerance policy. Anyone starting a fight meaning pushing,shoving or hitting another person will be barred for life papers being served from a District Magistrate along with your name being posted on the internet on the patrons barred list.Nudity will not be allowed.this is not legal under the PLCB regulations,you will either be reprimanded and or told to leave.Please keep hands off the ladies. Some of these girls are married,engaged or have boy friends.Interested girls will let you know.These are the finest & loveliest ladies in Eastern Pa,including Pottsville to Hazleton, and Tamaqua to Shamokin.Since you are all Gentlemen this should be an easy request.

Advisory: Anyone being escorted out of the Pine View Acres for any incident,"other than hitting or threatening someone",still has the option of coming back on another day. Simply call Lisa Davis the owner and request it. She will review the facts.If you hit someone it's a life-time sentence without the possibility of parole.

Security Crew Our Security crew is one of the best.

State & Local Police: From time to time you may see police cars in the parking lot.They are here for your benefit and safety and not to harass you.They are a friendly reminder for you to drive carefully and needless to say,"Do Not Drive Drunk",since we will provide a ride home for you. If they follow you out of the parking lot turn around and come back to the club,we will give you a ride home.If you leave the club and are driving in an erratic manner or have a tail light or something not working then they have just cause for stopping you.Please treat these officers with the utmost respect.Remember they are only doing their job.However we do prefer that you ask us for a free ride home. Remember the bottom line is this:Driving under the influence is against the Law!!!!

Free Admission:

No cover before 10:00pm

Directions for Pine View Acres
Click Here

9pm-10pm beer specials
$.50 cent drafts in a 12 oz glass
$1.25 domestic bottled beer 12oz

Domestic Bottle Beers 12oz Bottle $2.00 after 10pm
Draft Beer-$1.00,after 10pm

Look for the lovely shooter girl
Music starts at 9:00pm
No Cover before 10:00pm
Cover $3.00 after 10:00pm
Drink Prices after 10:00pm
Domestic Bottle Beers-$2.00 all nite,"except 9-10pm"
Draft Beer-$1.00,"except 9-10pm"
Limited Dress Code no hats on backwards or head bands/colors
Transpotation will be available for people needing a ride home

Future Events

February 2005
Feb/3rd/05 Mardi Gras Dance Party
Prizes for best Mardi Gras Costume
Prizes also for best Eagles or Patriots outfits since this is also superbowl week.
Prizes for 1st/2nd & 3rd place for collecting the
most beads in each of the three categories,Purple/Greem & Gold.
9 prizes awarded for beads
Win beads thur drawings,answering trivia questions,coaxing
& free beads & no cover for all people arriving before 10pm

Feb/10th/05 Ladies Nite Dance Party & Pleasure Toys Party
Toy Demo/Sale @8-10pm
Attention:Ladies surprise your Valentines Day Sweetheart!!
Sample items:Motion Lotion it heats up when you blow on it!!
Eatable underwear in many flavors,etc.
$1.00 Cover for the Ladies

Feb/17th/05 30 something Dance Party Best of the 80s,90s,& Top 40 Club/Dance music

March 2005
March/3rd/05 Reg Thursday Nite Dance Party

March/10th/05 Spring Break Dance Party
College Nite/No Cover College students with College ID

March/17th/05 St Patrick Day Dance Party

March/24th/05 Holy Thursday Dance Party   Big Big Nite
Most working people/college students are off.

March/31st/05 Reg Thursday Nite Dance Party

People wanting their picture removed from this site?
Indicate in comment form on bottom of page: date,the picture number counting
from top to bottom,with a brief description of the picture & yourself.
Your picture will be blotted out or removed completely.
All pictures from previous nites are still available
click on various links on bottom of page.

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville
hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

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hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

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hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

hip hop dance party mix eastern pa pottsville

Livewire Nite Club pictures
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Part 2

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Part 5

Thursday 02/03/2005 was our usual Wild & Crazy Mardi Gras Party along with Superbowl Thursday as an added attraction. The nite started fast & early with an above average crowd creating semi crowded conditions.THere were lots of new faces for the 7th consecutive week with people coming from Tremont,Freidensburg,Pine Grove,Lebanon,Haven & the Blue Mt school district area.We also had a large showing from the Northern Tier areas including Mt Carmel,Giradville,Shen-Do & Frackville,locally there were many of the Pottsville,Minersville & Pt Carbon & new Philly crowd..There were 9 winners selected from the girls collecting beads & three winners from the Eagles Outfits.We had prizes presented to the Mardi Gras Dancers on stage..Some of the people here were from Freidensburg,Jeanie,Jen & husband from the break-dancers, Jess from Mt Carmel,Jen & Mookie & the gang,Jimmy Evans,Dionne & Kala,Shen-do girls Jen & Allysa,etc.Tonite also marked the 7th week of our new format for 2005 which will include a more deversified mix with music including Modern Rock,Techno,Best of the 80s,Old School 90s & today Billborad Top 40 Dance/Club music. Next week will feature Ladies Nite/Pleasure Toys Party. Pleasure toys will be demonstrated by a female sales person from 8-10pm & also be available for immediate delivery. Attention Ladies:check this one out for your sweetheart's Valentine Days gift!!

Thanks gang for another always high energy dance nite @PVA,you guys are the best from Dj Ray,Vj Frank,PVA Staff & Security Staff!!!!

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birthday party decorations
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1st Dance with Dj Ray since
his last dance on 10/09/2003

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No Pictures taken

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Thanksgiving Eve Nite 11/27/2002

Thursday Nite 11/14/02-11/21/02

Thursday Nite 11/07/2002

Halloween Nite 10/31/2002

Thursday Nite 10/24/2002

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Thursday Nite 10/10/2002

Thursday Nite Pictures Prior to 10/10/2002


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