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Roundhouse Halloween Party

Most of these pictures were in the back room
90% of the crowd was in the bar area

Welcome to the Roundhouse in St Clair with it's beautiful spacious bar,incredible atmosphere plus a separate room consisting of a hardwood dance floor.

Apparently the Roundhouse may very well be the area's largest oval bar.

Is this the Schuylkill County's new Hot spot???

This was my first dance party at the Roundhouse which also happened to be a Halloween celebration on a very wet and rainy Friday Nite.Needless to say the crowd exceeded all expectations with a packed house.Many of the Northern Tier crowd was here,not to be out done by the Haven/Blue Mt crowd.I got to see many of my fans from the Live Wire as well as many of the regulars from Goodfellas/Pine View Acres. There were videos on four screens with Vj Frank running the videos,plus a costume contest using judges and crowd applause to decide the four winners.First place went to a gentleman wearing a Starwars outfit,"I'm guessing at the outfit",2nd place went to the policewoman,etc. Special thanks to all of you for showing up in costumes plus a quick shoutout to people I have not seen for a long time: Tank & his finacee,Crystal from Shen-Do,"It was nice meeting your boyfriend Dave",Jess from the LiveWire crew,"New Boston",Elena who is one of the originals from PVA that inspired me to go on.My compliments to the lovely bartenders Tiff & ????

The Proverbial Question
Where is DjRay going next???
Seriously I Do not know. Here are the possiblies:

River Inn in Cressona has a new nite club called Da Finkk which is a spin-off of the 70s-80s Nite Club the Dusselfink which was affiliated with the Alley Nite and the two of these together were Schuylkill County's biggest entertainment complex ever.Thursdays + some Fridays w/myself & Dj Twisted are possible here.

Roundhouse is perfect for me except to quote a famous President,"This wall must come down".I am a crowd interaction Dj/Emcee and I do not like walls between myself and the fans.Charlie has asked me to come back so this place is defintely high on my list.

Pineview Acres/ Pottsville: If the money is good then anything is possible?? This is my 4th time .

Goodfellas: This place has been especially good to me and gave me more than my fair share of the profits.Their security is probably the best ever. If they renevate anything is possible??

LiveWire/ This club is opening soon under the owners Derick Flail and Shawn McGuire which are both personal friends of mine. I have agreed to do some nites there??

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