Thriller Line Dance

[60 steps]

Taught by

DjRay Productions

Dj Corey Faust

@JFK Pool



Part 1- Zombie March

[8 steps in 16 beats]

Stepping forward on every other beat


Step forward on 1st3rd-5th and 7th beats

R-L-R-L=4 steps


Repeat same as above backwards

L-R-L-R=4 steps

Part 2- Zombie March

[16 steps in 16 beats]



8 steps forward= R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L

8 steps backwards= R-L-R-L-R-L-R-L


The above is done with a shoulder raise and head til to R at same time.

Perform this on the 1st-3rd-5th-7th steps.


Instructor will count:

Shoulder step=R-L

Step Step=R-L

Shoulder step=R-L

Shoulder step=R-L


Repeat above backwards

Shoulder step=R-L

Step Step=R-L

Shoulder step=R-L

Shoulder step=R-L

Booty swim

[16 steps]

R-L-R forward hips bouncing up and down L stays behind R=2steps

L slide together with R=2 steps

Repeat=4 steps


Turn counterclockwise 180 degrees and repeat same movement =4


Turn 180 degree clockwise

[4 steps]

R-L-R-L=4 steps

Shuffle Slide

[16 steps]

Bend knees down & up and clap hands above head on up part of movement=2 steps

Step to R and slide L to close with R foot=2 steps


Repeat=2 steps

Repeat above to L=4steps


End of dance start again with Part I Zombie March




















































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