birthday party decorations/eastern pa hip hop dance party      birthday party decorations/eastern pa hip hop dance party     
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Birthday Party decorations

Spring Break College Night Beach Party/2006
Birthday DecorationsParty/2006

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@Goodfellas Electric Warehouse
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Just for all the Lovely Ladies in schuylkill County
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birthday party hats decorations

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Dj Ray Productions bears no responsibility for pictures taken of patrons on Thursday Nites & posted on the Internet.Pictures are taken of patrons for Entertainment purpose and will not be used by Dj Ray Productions for personal use or for the purposes of financial gain.These pictures are taken with the understanding that permission has been granted by patrons in the pictures.Most group pictures will be reduced in size. There will no pictures of patrons slow dancing. Anyone not wanting their picture posted on the Internet should contact Dj Ray directly at the Goodfellas Warehouse and express your disapproval to Grant permission.If your picture has already been taken,it will be immediately deleted from the camera.

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Feature Picture #1
Welcome to the friendliest bar in town
@Goodfellas Electric Warehouse
Thursday 8/30/2007

Hip Hop/Reggae
Part 1

Anyone requesting removal should specify the actual person with a description of yourself
and where you are located on the picture as well as the Date of the Dance Party,Page Number &
picture number counting from top to bottom. Do not count the 5 small pictures on top of page one.

To remove a picture contact Dj Ray directly 570-277-4021
send email to
& leave message with name of page+ Part 1,Part 2,Part 3,etc
and picture number counting from top to bottom and brief description.
Picture will be removed same day.If it is urgent to remove picture A.S.A.P
then call my cell phone at 570-527-8306.

Welcome to the friendliest bar in town
@Goodfellas Electric Warehouse
Thursday 8/30/2007

Hip Hop/Reggae
Part 1

to be
DjRay's Last Dance Party
@Goodfellas Electricwarehouse

Tonite was to be my farewell dance party,meaning my last dance @Goodfellas. There were many dedicated regulars that showed up to say goodbye and party with me one last time.I appreciate all the support especially considering that this was the Labor Day week-end with nice weather forcasted.

Also thanks to Alyson and the gang for the toughtfull going away present which included a cake,candles and a song!!There were many many requests from fans for me to remain @Goodfellas on Thursday Nites. In consideration of these requests I will stay aboard for at least one more week.My final decision will be based on feedback from the fans along with attendance numbers.The Goodfellas staff/owners have treated me well and is one of the primary reasons for remaining @Goodfellas for almost 2 years now.
CU all next week!!!

"Birthday celebrations can be honored here. Bring a cake a we will honor the Birthday person with a special dedication." If you can guarantee a party of 4 people + I will reserve a table until 10pm. You must call me or email me in advance.

No cover
all nite long for the Ladies & Guys,every week

$0.05 cent drafts
are back
9-10pm every week

$1.50 Coors Light bottles from 9pm-11pm

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