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DjRay's Last Friday Dance Party


Birthday Party Decorations & Hats

Pictures from Voices Nite Club
Dj Ray's Friday Dance Party
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Friday Nite 04/17/2009

Friday Nite 04/10/2009

Friday Nite 03/27/2009

Friday Nite 03/20/2009

Friday Nite 03/13/2009

Friday Nite 03/06/2009

Friday Nite 02/27/2009

Friday Nite 02/20/2009
Mardi Gras dance

Friday Nite 02/13/2009

Birthday Party Decorations & Hats

Pictures from Dj ray's
Ladies Choice Dance Party
Thursday Nites
@Goodfellas Electric Warehouse

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Dj Ray's Xmas Dance Party @Goodfellas
Friday Nite 12/26/2008

Dj Ray's Black Friday Dance
11/28/2008 @Goodfellas

Dj Ray's Last Dance Party @Goodfellas
Thursday Nite 9/06/2007

Thursday Nite 8/30/2007

Thursday Nite 8/23/2007

Thursday Nite 8/16/2007

Thursday Nite 8/09/2007

Thursday Nite 8/02/2007

Thursday Nite 7/26/2007

Thursday Nite 7/19/2007

Thursday Nite 7/12/2007

Thursday Nite 7/05/2007
No Pictures available due to DjRay @Da Beach

Thursday Nite 6/28/2007

Thursday Nite 6/21/2007

Thursday Nite 6/14/2007

Thursday Nite 6/07/2007

Thursday Nite 5/31/2007

Thursday Nite 5/24/2007

Thursday Nite 5/17/2007

Thursday Nite 5/10/2007

Thursday Nite 5/03/2007

Thursday Nite 04/26/2007

Thursday Nite 04/19/2007

Thursday Nite 04/12/2007

Thursday Nite 04/05/2007

Thursday Nite 03/29/2007

Thursday Nite 03/22/2007

Thursday Nite 03/15/2007

Thursday Nite 03/08/2007

Thursday Nite 03/01/2007

Thursday Nite 02/22/2007

Thursday Nite 02/15/2007/
canceled/Valentine Day snow storm

Thursday Nite 02/08/2007

Thursday Nite 02/01/2007

Thursday Nite 01/25/2007

Thursday Nite 01/18/2007

Thursday Nite 01/11/2007

Thursday Nite 01/04/2007

Thursday Nite 12/28/2006

Thursday Nite 12/21/2006

Thursday Nite 12/14/2006

Thursday Nite 12/07/2006

Thursday Nite 11/30/2006

Friday Nite 11/24/2006

Thursday Nite 11/16/2006

Thursday Nite 11/09/2006

Thursday Nite 11/02/2006

Thursday Nite 10/26/2006

Thursday Nite 10/19/2006

Thursday Nite 10/12/2006

Thursday Nite 10/05/2006

Thursday Nite 09/28/2006

Thursday Nite 09/21/2006

Thursday Nite 09/14/2006

Thursday Nite 09/07/2006

Thursday Nite 08/31/2006

Thursday Nite 08/24/2006

Thursday Nite 08/17/2006

Thursday Nite 08/10/2006

Thursday Nite 08/03/2006

Thursday Nite 07/27/2006

Thursday Nite 07/20/2006

Thursday Nite 07/13/2006
No Dance
Next Dance 7/20/06

Thursday Nite 07/06/2006

Thursday Nite 06/29/2006

Thursday Nite 06/22/2006

Thursday Nite 06/15/2006

Thursday Nite 06/08/2006

Thursday Nite 06/01/2006

Thursday Nite 05/25/2006

Thursday Nite 05/18/2006

Thursday Nite 05/11/2006

Thursday Nite 05/04/2006

Thursday Nite 04/27/2006

Thursday Nite 04/20/2006

Thursday Nite 04/13/2006

Thursday Nite 04/06/2006

Thursday Nite 03/30/2006

Thursday Nite 03/23/2006

Thursday Nite 03/16/2006

Thursday Nite 03/09/2006

Thursday Nite 03/02/2006

Thursday Nite 02/23/2006

Thursday Nite 02/16/2006

Thursday Nite 02/09/2006

Thursday Nite 02/02/2006

Thursday Nite 01/26/2006

Thursday Nite 01/19/2006

Thursday Nite 01/12/2006

Thursday Nite 01/05/2006

Thursday Nite 12/29/2005

Thursday Nite 12/22/2005

Thursday Nite 12/15/2005

Thursday Nite 12/08/2005

Thursday Nite 12/01/2005

Thursday Nite 11/24/2005

Thursday Nite 11/17/2005

Thursday Nite 11/10/2005

Thursday Nite 11/03/2005

Thursday Nite 10/27/2005

Thursday Nite 10/20/2005

Dj Ray Productions
Owner/Dj Ray
17 Coal Street

Directions for Goodfellas
Click Here

Fake or Counterfeit I.D.'s are Illegal
Anyone attempting too use one will have it confiscated.
Violations will be immediately reported to the authorities.
You've been advised.
This is a serious offense!!!!
[All I.D. will be verified thru a State On-Line Network]

Metal Detector PLCB regulations require that clubs with large crowds use a metal detector for all patrons prior to admittance. This change was effected shortly after the events of 9/11 and is now in effect at most major Nite clubs. This could also involve a quick visual check of purses. We apologize for this inconvenience.

All information presented on this site is for the sole purpose of Public Awareness/Entertainment Purposes & as a courtesy on behalf of Dj Ray Productions.Dj Ray Productions does not represent the Goodfellas Electric Warehouse Nite Club.Dj Ray Productions bears no responsibility for any mis-interpretation of information on this site that could lead to patrons incurring bodily injury on or off the premises or leaving the club and being involved in an automobile accident or being arrested for driving under the influence. It is the patron's sole responsibility to comply with PLCB regulations regarding Drinking & Driving.

Dj Ray Productions bears no responsibility for pictures taken of patrons on Thursday Nites & posted on the Internet. Pictures are taken of patrons for Entertainment purpose and will not be used by Dj Ray Productions for personal use or for the purposes of financial gain. These pictures are taken with the understanding that permission has been granted by patrons in the pictures. Most group pictures will be reduced in size. There will no pictures of patrons slow dancing. Anyone not wanting his or her picture posted on the Internet should contact Dj Ray directly at Goodfellas Warehouse and express your disapproval to Grant permission. If your picture has already been taken, it will be immediately deleted from the camera.

Music: Music will be a mix of Hip Hop,Top-40,with some Techno,80s,Disco,Rock & Country. Most of the music after 10:30pm will be Hip Hop/Reggae/Top-40.
Plus 80s music will be played as requested.

Current Crowds

Code of Conduct
Please treat all of the ladies with respect. Bear in mind that some of these ladies are married, engaged or involved in serious relationships, so if a girl refuses to dance with you,[Do Not] take it personally, just move on to another girl. If you continue to pursue a girl that has refused to dance or talk with you, it will be construed as harassment and you will be warned one time. If there is a 2nd complaint you will be asked to leave.

Tips on Meeting Ladies
Bring your wallet and don't be a cheap skate. It's an honor to buy a girl a drink.
Bring your best manners and gentleman behavior
Practice good hygiene, which means clean smelling clothes, body and mouth/teeth. Girls have a keen sense of smell.
Develop a sense of Humor & learn to smile.
Dance Dance Dance, don't just stand there. Slow dancing does not count. Watch MTV,practice at home,take dance lessons.Try the Cha Cha Slide or dance in place by bending your knees on the beat or snapping your fingers to the music. Put some rhythm into your body. When girls see this they will be more inclined to dance with you. Tall people must restrict their movements. Take smaller steps and shorter hand & arm movements.

No tolerance policy. Anyone starting a fight meaning pushing, shoving or hitting another person or caught with drugs will be barred for life plus papers will be served from a District Magistrate along with your name being posted on the internet on the patrons barred list. These are very strict rules and enforced for your protection and to create a relaxed friendly atmosphere. Since this is a ladies Choice Dance Party, we want our ladies to feel safe and comfortable at all times in Goodfellas Electric Warehouse. Nudity will not be allowed. This is not legal under the PLCB regulations, you will either be reprimanded and or told to leave. Please keep hands off the ladies. Some of these girls are married, engaged or have boyfriends. Interested girls will let you know. Since you are all Gentlemen this should be an easy request.

Advisory: Anyone being escorted out of Goodfellas Electric Warehouse for any incident," other than hitting, drugs or threatening someone", still has the option of coming back on another day. Simply call Mike the owner and request it. He will review the facts. If you hit someone or were using drugs on the premises it's a lifetime sentence without the possibility of parole.

Security Crew Our Security crew is well trained and will always talk to you first if you are in violation of club rule. Please listen and be courteous otherwise you will be asked to leave. They have been trained to monitor the crowd from the best vantage point high above the crowd and use signaling system to identify possible Hot Spots, which will prevent arguments from escalating into all-out brawls. Security people are also not permitted to dance with and socialize with the ladies.

State & Local Police: From time to time you may see police cars in the parking lot. They are here for your benefit and safety and not to harass you. They are a friendly reminder for you to drive carefully and needless to say," Do Not Drive Drunk", since we will provide a ride home for you. If they follow you out of the parking lot turn around and come back to the club, we will give you a ride home. If you leave the club and are driving in an erratic manner or have a tail light or something not working then they have just cause for stopping you. Please treat these officers with the utmost respect. Remember they are only doing their job. However we do prefer that you ask us for a free ride home. Remember the bottom line is this:Driving under the influence is against the Law!!!!

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